Dredging / Reclamation

PMTS along with Inai Kiara Sdn Bhd (IKSB) Malaysia, formed the Dredging Company in Mumbai by name Inai Kiara (India) Dredging Pvt. Ltd. (IKID). Two Projects have already been completed by this company, as given below:

  • Capital Dredging of JSW Jindal Port, Jaigarh.
  • Reclamation for Second Container Terminal at Chennai, with ITDC, Chennai.

Details of Dredging Equipment are available on www.inai.com.my . Additionally PMTS, have the following equipment:

  • 3500 M3 Hopper Barge
  • 1200 M3 Self Propelled Split Bottom Barge
  • Towing Tugs